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Reach millions of respondents instantly using our Live Consumer Audience Service

Reach millions of respondents instantly using our Live Consumer Audience Service

SmartSurvey’s Live Consumer Audience service gives you instant access to more than 20 million respondents in over 70 countries. Interview any demographic group, from general consumers to niche audiences. Start getting real opinions from real people in the UK and beyond.

Get the answers you need, fast. Target your choice of respondents;

  • Parents in the whole of the UK
  • Decision makers in the Greater London area
  • Smartphone users in France
  • Students in the US

Estimate the price of your consumer panel

We’ve created this useful tool to help you to understand the estimated cost of your consumer panel. Your actual panel price can be lower or higher dependent on your specific demographic, location and disqualification requirements (the more detailed your requirements the higher the cost).

Pricing is dependent on the size of available pool of responses. For example, a general population survey just targeting people that live the UK and no other criteria will be relatively low in cost.

If you want to target people who live in the UK, in central London, aged between 40-55, that drive to work, and own an electric car, this is a much smaller pool of respondents and would be a higher cost.

Adjust to the number of responses you need

Cost of 100 responses is 450.00*

*Based on average respondent cost of £4.50.
Responses can cost as little as £2 for basic requirements to in excess of £10 for more complex targeting. We always recommend requesting a quote.

Sample Size

It’s important to remember that the smaller your sample is, the less reliable your data will be. Collecting 100 responses can be fine, but if that’s spread out across 50 countries, and the data is then subdivided by country, then that subdivided data is likely to be inaccurate. The required number of responses is dependent on a range of factors, including the size of the population and how close to 50/50 the data is likely to be split. We provide a sample size calculator to help estimate your responses.

Choosing Your Demographic

Many of our panel customers ask for highly refined details, but It’s often better to use a wider demographic panel filter, which you then further refine in the survey using a disqualification question. This approach enables you to get survey responses faster as you can engage a wider audience and then exclude them using disqualification if they don’t meet your criteria.

Using Disqualification Questions

A disqualification question is used to refine the audience coming in from a panel based on the needs of the survey. If a survey wanted to hear from people who eat at restaurants at least once a week, then this could be asked as a disqualification question. Respondents who do not answer with the information required are not able to complete the survey. It’s important to note that disqualified respondents do not count towards the paid-for total of responses.

How does it work?

Three simple steps to purchase a Live Survey Audience from a ProBusiness or Enterprise account:

1. Create your survey or select an existing one

2. Click ‘Buy Responses’ from your collect page

3. Define your target audience place your order

Or start your quote here and let us handle the details!

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Target any audience

Choose from dozens of targeting criteria to build your customised consumer panel.

  • Country
  • Region
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Marital status
  • Household
  • Transportation
  • Mobile device
  • Lifestyle habits

How much does it cost?

Select your desired demographics, regions and profiles; feasibility and pricing will be displayed. Price is dependent on the number of responses required, targeting criteria and survey length. Contact our support team for help or with any enquiries about reaching a specific audience.

Data quality and validation

All respondents are sourced and evaluated using a range of measures, in line with ESOMAR 28 (Industry Standard Quality Measure). You will receive accurate results that will provide the data you need to make smart decisions.

You’re in safe hands

Pick your ideal target audience