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How SmartSurvey helps insight professionals like you

Enterprise feedback management

Unlimited questions, responses and surveys. An Enterprise account can limitlessly scale in line with your requirements.
Centralise your data collection and feedback programs with our Enterprise plan.

Employee Engagement

Create engaging surveys to understand employee engagement, satisfaction training, and more. Open a direct connection to your workforce and get real-time feedback to understand what motivates, frustrates, and keeps them happy.

Customer Experience

Automatically gather feedback throughout your customer’s journey, alert key staff members based on feedback and keep a finger on your customer’s pulse. Build an entire feedback solution from NPS, to Customer effort, CSAT and more!

Market Research

Capture the insight you need to better understand your customers wants and needs and achieve product market fit.
If you need answers quickly, leverage our consumer panel service to connect with over a 70million respondents in 80 countries.

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Create amazing looking surveys

Add your logo

In just a couple of clicks, you can upload your logo and add it to your survey them.

On brand every time

The look and feel of your surveys are of the utmost importance. With full CSS control, you can customise every detail of your theme to perfectly match the look and feel of your brand.

Custom domain branding

A custom domain enables you to fully brand your survey links by removing any references to SmartSurvey and replacing them with your brand details, helping you to build more trust and familiarity with your respondents. 

Collect Data

Deliver surveys across multiple platforms to engage with users anywhere

Multiple channels

Reach your audience wherever they are. Send surveys via email, track open rates, views, and opt-outs, share on social media or even collect data offline.

Send by SMS

Engage with users on the move via a mobile responsive survey that is customised with your brand identity. Track responses and send targeted reminders.

Buy responses

Select the profiling criteria you need with our live consumer audience and receive guaranteed, quality responses in just a few hours.

Web integration

Enrich your data by embedding surveys on your website, intercept visitors leaving your site, or use a popup invitation for instant feedback.

Analyse Results

Perform in-depth data analysis to reveal actionable insights that will help you create opportunities

Real-time results

View survey responses in real-time for instant analysis. Create graphs, find trends, and use custom filters to generate the insight needed to drive business forward.

Create custom reports

For expert analysis of your survey responses, produce charts and graphs to bring your results to life in powerful presentations.

Text analysis

Automatically create word clouds and lists to identify trends and easily manipulate free text feedback. Categorise responses to create quantitative reports from qualitative data.

Share your data

Control who receives the results of your surveys. Manage access to individual elements, such as cumulative data and individual responses.


The complete survey solution

Whether you’re conducting market research, reviewing employee engagement or measuring customer satisfaction, our enterprise software has advanced features to suit every need.

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Safe & Secure

Security is our most important feature
and we take it seriously

Security Features

Enable SSL encryption on any survey. Apply password protection and IP restriction on user accounts and survey responses.

ISO 27001 Certified

The highest possible standard for data security. An internationally recognised system for keeping information assets secure.

UK/EU Based Servers

All data is stored and backed up on UK/EU-based servers.

Data Protection Act

Fully compliant with EU Privacy Laws and registered under the Data Protection Act.


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